For Contractors

Ensuring it all adds up

As a contractor, you want to know that you’ll get paid right, first time round and be covered by all the insurance policies you need.

We want that for you too, and to remove any hassle involved in ensuring you are compliant for a low fee.

Let’s chat about what we could achieve together.

Here’s what we do for you


Pay you right, first time round


Give you all the compliance you need as a contractor


Give you the insurance policies you need


Pay you a penalty if we do something wrong (which we don’t)


Charge you minimal fees


Respond to your queries quickly and talk to you like a human


Pay a referral for recommending mates and colleagues

And sometimes more importantly what we don’t do


Charge excessive fees


Give you ‘free’ stuff (that you ultimately pay for) that you’ll never use


Talk to you like an idiot or take you for a ride


Ignore you

Registration is a piece of cake

A 5 minute online process that you can do from your smartphone, tablet or PC!


Advanced Pay

Not only that, we offer the opportunity for you to take an advance on your previous timesheet, prior to your allotted payday. Again, it’s a simple on line process that takes moments.

And, we provide a contractor service level agreement, ensuring that our service to you is second to none. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

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