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So you’ve got the offer for the dream job, handed in your notice and started at the new company. Most companies have a probation period specified in the contract – usually around 3 to 6 months. This is the company’s chance to see if you’re a good fit for the role and for the team. So, how can you manage the stress of the new role along with the pressure of passing probation? Follow our tips to help get you through.

Don’t forget the basics.

As much as you are already thinking about how you can impress your new boss, make sure you’re not doing anything stupid like turning up late, being seen as a clock watcher and arguing with people trying to train you. You need to come across as eager to learn, with a positive attitude and look like you’re enjoying the new role. That’s not to say you don’t question what you need to, but think about how you approach the discussion and the attitude you have. Are you questioning because you don’t understand or you think you know better? If you come across as a trouble maker or someone who isn’t enjoying the role, your employer may think this role isn’t the right fit for you.

Be clear about your targets.

If you have formal supervisions or catch ups with your boss, ask them what you need to be working on and what time lines they think you need to be working towards. If you are clear about what is expected, its much easier to measure your performance against those expectations.

Be honest.

If you’re struggling with learning the software or processes, be honest about why you’re struggling. There’s nothing worse than covering up your mistakes or misunderstandings then being found out. That’s a sure fire way to be sacked before your probation period is over. If you’re honest about things, your boss will more than likely appreciate your honesty and see what extra resources are there to help you pick things up. And with good employers, your attitude and honesty will go a long way – having the right attitude and being willing to learn and accept correction is more valuable in the long term than a short term issue with picking up the new processes.

Keep a positive attitude.

It might be hard to learn new things and get on with your new colleagues, but being the drama queen and finding everything stressful and difficult is guaranteed to get you shown the door. You need to fit in with the team, they need to like you as well as you liking them. If you can show that you absorb new tasks with a cheery attitude then people will be much more willing to sing your praises to the boss when asked. And if your new colleagues are saying how much they like you, the boss won’t be looking to go against that too quickly.

So, what’s this got to do with The Wage Shop?

Getting started in a new job can be stressful, but following these simple tips will help things move along smoothly. Our great advice is just part of your simple, flexible service. With The Wage Shop, we make sure you’re paid on time and take care of your Tax and National Insurance contributions, leaving you to focus on your day to day workload.

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